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    Multiple payment gateways

    Instantaneous use of multiple payment gateways

    Our new hyip script supports the instantaneous use of multiple payment gateways permits the different customer accounts to be mapped to different payment gateways. Several payment gateways can be used to sector payment processing for different types of customer. For instance, you may use special payment gateways for international customers versus domestic customers. Some sites may wish to specify multiple payment gateways, base on geographic location, type of customers, product type, etc. Multiple payment gateways also help with optimizing payment methods or fees for certain gateways.

    Payment methods represent the different options a customer has for making a payment. Most sites will accept credit card payments through a payment gateway, but there are other options our most reliable HYIP script software accepting the following payment gateways such as Authorized.net, Bitcon, Capitalsure, Cash4WM, CGold, ECumoney, EEECurrency, EGold, EGOpay, EVOWallet, Eway, GoldMoney, Googlecheckout, HD Money, Neteller, Netpay, Nixmoney, Okpay, Payeer, Paypal, Payza, Perfectmoney, Pexpay, Solidtrustpay, Strictpay, Webmoney and also other offline payment mode such as Bank Wire , Western Union and etc…

    Quick to respond layouts

    Go ahead and build your website as responsive layouts

    EC HYIP script will work on any device and our script is completely a quick to responsive layout. It will work on all devices like Smart phones, desktop computer, laptops and tablets. No matter what device you use, surely you get you steady experience without annoy of implementing mobile or any other device layout. Custom hyip design layout will adapt to the user’s screen resolution and screen size.

    Whether you are building a website for your business the responsive layouts are easily catching and adaptable by all users. Your site should grow around your content and every aspect of Responsive designs determines that perfect design. So go ahead, start building your website with responsive layouts and will adapt to your needs.

    Most Powerful EC HYIP Features

    Custom- built Report Management

    The report manger feature of Ec-Hyip script allows the admin to view,access and evaluate the report for each and every undergoing process.

    Referral Statistics

    This advance referral statistics feature of Echyip script allows the user to view the pictorial representation of his referral down line links.

    Easy to Manage Dashboard Settings

    Admin dashboard includes individual navigation tabs to access the status of your finance, transaction and investment overview.

    Instant Payouts

    This feature allows the admin to get the instant payouts with multiple payment gateways.

    Track Each Transaction

    There is individual navigation tabs in admin panel of the dashboard to track the each and every transaction records and profits distributed.

    Bulk Payouts

    Our Echyip script supports bulk payouts to the user directly to their linked accounts.Admin can directly transfer the funds to user’s account at any time.

    Secured Payments

    Ec HYIP script supports the instantaneous use of multiple payment gateways permits the different customer accounts to be mapped into different payment gateways.

    Offline Payment Modes

    Apart from the online modes EcHYIP scripts offers many offline payment modes such as Bank Wire and Western Union.

    Editable Email Template

    Our script manager offers the great feature to edit the content of fetched e-mails i.e admin can change the content the email templates when required.

    Easy Registration Process

    New users can easily register themselves with a simple online form available on the website. Here they can fill their details and continue as an agent.

    No Hidden Charges

    Once you purchase the script, You don’t have to pay any extra amount for renewal or any other facility. It is only the one time lifetime investment.

    Advance Referral Settings

    Admin can set the ‘n’ numbers of direct sponsor sales and he will receive the profit upto 5th level.