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ICO Script Software


ECHYIP ICO website script is Powerful and Complete Solution for your Crypto Currencies ICO start up business. Now you can Easily Start an ICO website in just a few clicks. ECHYIP ICO software has most powerful Payment methods like (Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin , Etherum etc..) is integrated with the ICO script. Our Etherum ICO script is carefully coded to look great on any devices. The responsive ICO website designs that gives you beautiful interface on any high resolution devices or mobile and tables. We provide you beautiful collection of modern ICO template layouts. Create your website without any effort and adapt it to suit your needs quickly and easily with our ICO website template. Our ICO website developer can help you to create a tradable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset using Ethereum smart contracts.
An Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), also known as Token crowdsale, is essentially a Crowdfunding campaign where the person running the project will issue Tokens or Digital Currency for the funds they take in from contributors.
In an ICO, Instead of giving a product or service or a shoutout to contributors, they are given tokens that have very specific utility within their project ecosystem.
ICOs give the investors the possibility of a return on investment but no stake in the company.

An ICO is essentially a piece of code called smart contract running on a blockchain or Etherum contract. It defines all the rules and constraints (total supply, price per token, timeline, etc.). After the smart contract gets deployed, everybody can contribute to the project. In exchange for the contribution, people get tokens.
Consider ICOs as a mixture between a donation, investment or risk capital.
After the ICO tokens can be freely traded on coin exchanges. The price per coin is determined by a simple economic supply and demand ratio.

ECHYIP ICO script Features

Manage your Token sale easily with our ICO setup
Unlimited Time slot can be setup for ICO Token distribution
Our script provides maximum reliability and security of payment acceptance in the website.
We have integrated many payment gateways and also ready to integrate the payment gateways that you wish to have for your ICO.
You can view the statistics of token sales and funds raised on site from admin panel dashboard easily.
Referral program and Affiliate configuration
Set Up Unlimited referral levels
Unique referral URL for each customer
Social sharing of referral link through for Facebook, twitter, Google plus and also for other leading social network sites.
We provide the most suitable Lending program for all
You can configure all required pages content by just one click and then modify the content for each page as per your business model requirements.
Customizing email headers such as from name, from email address and email messages with various variables is easy with our ECHYIP ICO Software
Instant payments without having to wait for a approval
Supports Multi Language
The installation of the system is very simple. You do not need to edit the configuration files manually.
Lending program interest allocation based on simple interest or the compound interest setup.
You can add an unlimited number of ICO Lending packages to the website
Our ECHYIP ICO script has a global blacklist of ip addresses. You can add a list of IP addresses to it that will not show your website.